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When you need your lawn to be green, lush, and full of life, you know you can count on Lawn Smart, your instant lawn supplier.


Lawn Smart

Willem van Lingen started his farming career in 2006 with cattle and crop farming which later spread to various other lines which included the lawn farming. The business grew over the years into what is today a top lawn farm in Pretoria. In 2021 he joined into a partnership and founded Lawn Smart, and is now known as a top supplier of instant lawns in Gauteng.  Lawn Smart started producing and supplying several kinds of instant lawns to household and  commercial markets in response to the steadily increasing demand for high-quality lawns.

Our clientele, which includes several big contractors and landscapers, speaks well of us.  At our farm in Rietvlei, Gauteng, Lawn Smart is now cultivating hundred and fifty thousand square meters of lawn under irrigation. 

What we offer:

Lawn Smart offers affordable top quality instant lawn mostly to landscapers and contractors. 

Our services include landscaping and irrigation as a turn key solution to any customer big and small. 

Highest-Quality Lawns

Lawn Smart stands out from the competition because the business possesses the most cutting-edge, contemporary mechanical equipment available for harvesting, creating, and supplying—some of it is the first of its kind in the nation!

Lawn Smart employs personnel with several specialties that allow us to offer our customers a professional service.

We are also constantly at the forefront of creating innovative procedures to produce and supply Instant Lawn in a more effective and economical manner.

Grown With Love on Our Farm

At our farm in Rietvlei, we believe in the quality of a good lawn. So, we grow our lawn types with love and harvest our lawns with passion. Our Kikuyu lawns are just a start. We offer a wide range of lawn types, with a focus on cultivating healthy lawns.

Willem van Lingen

Founding Farmer

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We enjoy challenges. We are Flexible, innovative and creative in applying knowledge and experience to different lawns.

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