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If Lawn Smart is an expert at anything, it is lawn cultivation. This is why our team of expert lawn suppliers in Gauteng, South Africa, offers a wide variety of instant lawns that are perfect for various settings, climatic conditions and seasons.

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Left to grow, it flowers from March to September, producing 3-7 slender spikes in a whorl around the axis. Kweekgras is deep-rooted and drought-tolerant and although it can cope with long periods of flooding, it prefers well-drained, dry to moist soil.



LM grass, also known as Durban grass, coat grass and sweet smother grass, is indigenous to South Africa, found predominantly on the KZN coast and Mozambique. It forms a dense, dark green lawn under ideal growing conditions. LM grass performs well in full sun, as well as in shady and semi-shade conditions. 



Kikuyu grass is extremely easy to take care of. It grows and spreads quickly and is the perfect turf plant to replace a lawn or cover up bare patches.

This type of grass is the ideal solution for dry spells, areas of high foot traffic and water restrictions. In areas where the climate is hot in summer and mild in winter, this is the ground cover you want in your garden.

Lawn Care

Summer months: 

Kikuyu lawn – needs on average 25mm of water per week spread out over 2 to 3 times per week, preferably in the evenings. If you do 2 times per week that will be on average 12,5 mm with every watering. Kikuyu lawn has a deep root system and can access water at deeper levels. 

LM lawn – needs water on a more regular basis but in smaller quantities. It has a very shallow root system and dries out very quickly. Preferably water in the evenings.

Cynodin lawn – is a very hardy lawn and can survive on minimal water. It has a very deep root system that can reach depths of up to 2 meters. You can water Cynodin 14mm per week spread out to 2 times per week with an average 7mm with every watering. 

Winter months: 

Kikuyu lawn – you can reduce the amount to 15mm per week spread out over 2 to 3 times per week, preferably in the mornings. If you do 2 times per week that will be on average 7,5 mm with every watering. 

LM lawn – you can reduce the amount but still water on a daily basis. Preferably water in the mornings.

Cynodin lawn – you can reduce the water to 10mm per week with 2 waterings per week on an average 5mm with every watering. 

Kikuyu and Cynodin lawn – grows most actively in spring and summer and needs most of its nutrients during this time. Organic fertiliser is best to use with chicken manure or mushroom compost as base. We do not recommend the use of cow or horse manure as this will increase your weeds in the lawn. You can make use of any mixed fertiliser from your local nursery such as 2:3:2. To know exactly what mix you require, you will need to do a soil analysis. These 3 numbers represent NPK which is your Nitrogen (N) : Phosphate (P) : Potassium (K). Kikuyu lawn needs a high ratio of Nitrogen as well as Phosphate.  Lawns do best when fertilised every 6 weeks with small quantities of max 50g / m2. 

LM lawn – we recommend the use of organic fertiliser with LM because of their sensitive root system. It should be applied in modest quantities in the spring and summer. 

Kikuyu and Cynodin – it is very beneficial to scarify lawns first in spring before you add fertiliser. You can make use of a spiked roller or if you have access to a scarifier which works best.  

LM – you can use a spiked roller to aerate the soil. A scarifier is not recommended in LM lawns because of their shallow root system.

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We take pride in being able to offer customers the best quality, locally-produced instant lawn at affordable prices. Our products are a natural fit for those looking for sustainable, eco-friendly options for their lawns.

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